Nantun Neighborhood Lounge 
Taichung, Taiwan

As Phase One in a series of neighborhood projects, which includes a future housing tower, Pao Huei Construction Company redeveloped this vacant site into an outdoor living room for neighborhood events to provide respite from the frenetic pace of the surrounding commercial/mixed-use district. The design was meant to introduce as much pervious surface as possible – a green carpet in a very densely urbanized area of the city.

The design of the park features: 
Several large canopy trees (Taiwanese Zelkova), which provide important shading opportunities, define spatial sequences within the lounge, and provide bird habitat. The large canopies also provide a visual filter from the built environment above. 

A street edge defined by a double row of Metasequoia trees provides a strong arboreal interface with the surrounding  urban public realm.

A simple central reflecting pool provides cooling and evening time animation and reflectivity.

The subtle undulating ground plane reinforces various zones within the park and frames primary view corridors.

Client: Pao Huei Development Co.
Lighting: Lighting Design Allliance
Photography: Eric Hung
Status: Completed 2016