Jubail Regional Park | Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Proposed as a new 4,000 hectare Park on the outskirts of Jubail, Regional Park has been designed to introduce a variety of eco-systems and interactive micro-climatic conditions, and in so doing, provide a variety of much needed recreational opportunities for the region. The park is also poised to function as a critical component in the regional human wastewater treatment and re-use strategy. Treated human waste water from the city and nearby industrial areas will be transported to the park to undergo tertiary cleaning and to serve to establish emerging ecologies for park making. The growth of Regional Park will be a direct product of the growth of the city itself as projected waste water volume is based on projected population growth rate. This process will evolve a park over time and create habitat for migratory birds, through the construction of large vegetated wetlands and lakes. Visitors to the park will have the opportunity to interact directly with these ecological processes through nature walks, desert camping and educational programs. Overtime, the Jubail Regional Park will grow in importance as the city expands westward, meeting the park by 2030.

To design at this scale, Landworks Studio set up a sequence of creative water use strategies and conceptual frameworks—treatment wetlands, desert agriculture, and irrigation for shelterbelts—as guiding principles for the overall site design.  Program will respond, expand and migrate as ecologies emerge via the larger waste water distribution story. 

Client: Royal Commission for Jubail
Design Architect: CBT+FAEC (Architects/Engineers)
Status: On-going Planning
Project Size: 4,000 hectares