Taichung Gateway Park | Taichung, Taiwan

Pulse Park: The proposal seeks to build an iconic image for Gateway Park through the weaving of contextual alignments: celestial, regional and arboreal. Pulse Park expands the notion of a park beyond local amenity and regional identity by bringing together disparate energies, systems, resources, and activities into a “pulsating” stream. The Celestial Common becomes a primeval junction -- the 440-meter diameter lens draws energy from the sun and links the park to Taichung’s regional watershed and local transportation system. Originating from the Common, a shuttle system distributes “pulses” of activity to an arboreal forest and Landform Pods, relating the grand scale of the Nexus to the fine grained frequency of the Taiwanese landscape.

Celestial Commons: Night gazing, night markets, and concerts will animate the surface of the Celestial Common. A shallow Pond, fed by both storm water and recycled park water, sits at the bottom of the basin and reflects the night sky.

Client: Taichung City Government, Taiwan, R.O.C.
LA/Lead: Landworks Studio, Inc.
Architect: CBT Architects
Engineers: Arup
Urban Designer: Urban Art Project