River Park design Competition | West Lebanon, NH

Understood as a network of both regional and highly localized landscape corridors moving through this serene site on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River, Landworks Studio’s approach to River Park is defined by the characterization of the existing site and the larger, regional environment as primary catalysts for growth and change. Both regional and local
landscape features provide an organic roadmap for organizing, informing and otherwise knitting together proposed diverse and layered programs at River Park. Meaningful and sustainable development will emerge from a tautly calibrated set of relationships between landscape systems and the cultural and physical agendas of intervening programs.

Gazing regionally, in order to cultivate a sense of connectivity between the River Park and its existing community, a trail connects from River Park north to Dartmouth College via Wilder Dam and Montshire Museum of Science, and south to White River Junction. The project advocates for collaboration with the rich local arts and cultural communities. Partnering with the likes of Montshire Museum and Saint Gaudens National Historic Site will enable River Park to support a vibrant art and science program. The Montshire’s existing program focuses on science and ecology, which can be further advanced via the water quality testing and life science research integrated into the program of River Park.

The proposal retains the existing ravine as a conceptualization of the living infrastructure for River Park. 

Client: Lyme Properties
Role: Prime Consultant
Status: Selection Pending