Brandeis University: shapiro Science center Complex
Waltham, MA

As a result of the figure of the new Shapiro Science Center, four new and very unique landscape spaces have emerged on the campus of Brandeis University. Working closely with the entire design team and campus officials, Landworks Studio has proposed to build on the uniqueness factor of each space and to then weave each together into a larger narrative of sustainability and ecological performability, while simultaneously establishing larger, more dynamic campus connections. It was the aspiration of the entire design team to create discrete courtyard spaces while also accommodating over lap between program areas as a means to engender more opportunities for dialogue between students and faculty alike and to make the spaces generally accessible to the campus at large.

Click here to see the Brandeis Fellows Garden

Client: Brandeis University
Architect: Payette
Structural: SGH
Civil: Nitsch
Contractor: John Moriarty & Associates
Construction Budget: $2,200,000 (landscape)
Status: Phase 1 Complete