Macallen Building | South Boston, MA

Situated on a seam between South Boston and an expansive field of industry and infrastructure, the Macallen Building and landscape rise together as an icon of sustainable residential development in this rapidly re-urbanizing district of the city.  Shaped by the forces and scales of its dramatically different contexts, the landscape uses alternative materials and planting strategies to create fresh and innovative scenarios for addressing stormwater management and mitigating the debilitating side effects of urban heat island phenomenon, while simultaneously maximizing its positive urban and social functions. The Macallen development was awarded LEED Gold certification in 2008.

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Client: Pappas Properties
Design Architect: Office dA
Architect of Record: Burt Hill
Structural: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
General Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease
Photography: John Horner Photography; Millicent Harvey

2009 ASLA Honor Award - General Design
2009 BSLA Merit Award - General Design
2008 AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Project