Northfields Innovation and Design Quad located in Salem, MA

Renovations are ongoing at the Design and Innovation Quad at 83 North Street and 1 South Mason Street. Northfields Development LLC, owned by Christopher Macfarlane and Michael Blier, purchased the properties in the Spring of 2018 and have committed to establishing a design-centric environment, which will ultimately incorporate each of the two existing commercial buildings and a large parking area into a larger design and research collective.

Phase One of the rehabilitation of the properties has focused on the building at 83 North Street, which will become the Salem home of Landworks Studio Inc. The 83 North Street Building is a former Peugeot dealership and more recently a Kawasaki showroom and repair shop. The concrete block, mid-century building had been in decline for the past several years and in need of a complete restoration. To further complicate the rehabilitation process, the entirety of this post-industrial property sits within the North River Canal Corridor, Zoning Overlay District and within the jurisdictional resource area of the North River and constructed on filled tideland.

See the transformation below


1. Existing Conditions

Great, Mid-Century Bones:
83 North Street Building
‘Existing Conditions’ Analysis
(Summer 2018)


2. Demo

Breaking Some Eggs
(August - September 2018)


3. Reconstruction

At last!
The Studio and Gallery Begin to Emerge!
(October-November 2018)


4. Taking Shape

Let There Be White!
(December-January 12):

After almost 8 grueling months of demolition, reconstruction and renovation, Phase One will soon be complete and ready for LWSI occupancy.

Special appreciation and acknowledgment needs to be made to those colleagues at LWSI who have been incredibly patient and supportive throughout the arduous and prolonged process of recycling this very special building and site. It has been a process fraught with unanticipated challenges to schedule, program, and budget. However, it is our anticipation that the unique facilities of 83 North and the opportunities afforded by the large open space (the work yard) all within walking distance to the T, will have made it all worthwhile; rewarding to those who have seen the process to fruition. Very Special Thank You to All!