Theater Group Retreat | Western Maine

For thirteen years, the guiding ethic of ongoing improvements to this lakefront site in Maine has been to right historical imbalances of neglect and impropriety: erosion, decreased water quality, deforestation, and soil compaction. By improving ecological processes, the project sought to enhance the landscape program for the client, a New York City-based theater group. The initial masterplan identified a set of short- and long-term objectives which have been implemented through a series of small projects over time. These insertions have adapted to evolving programmatic agenda and the site’s successional realities and are embedded in a specific sculptural aesthetic that structures pedestrian movement and gathering.

Client: Confidential
Size: Approximately 10 acres
Construction Budget: $100,000
Status: Master Plan Complete; Ongoing Improvements

2009 BSLA Merit Award
2010 ASLA Honor Award