Landworks Studio in China | December 2018


Michael Blier and Xi Yang of Landworks Studio were invited to conduct a series of workshops and lectures at two distinguished universities in Guangzhou, China during the week of December 16-21, 2018. At both South China University of Technology (SCUT) and South China University of Agriculture (SCUA), Mike shared selected projects from Landworks that represented how the team has evolved in terms of design approach and philosophy. Audience included students, faculty and alumni from landscape architecture, architecture and urban planning departments. Xi shared her academic experience from Rhode Island School of Design.


With great help and cooperation from the architecture department at SCUA, Mike led a 4 day design workshop with 50 senior architecture students. The class spent a day visiting an old preserved village, ShenJingCun, in the midst of vast developments in Guangzhou City. Students in 9 groups identified site features and significant issues of preservation and revitalization. Each group then chose a specific site and developed strategies to create spaces that both accentuates historic characters and accommodates modern urban living. Along with 3 local faculty, Mike and Xi held two reviews with each group. With limited days to develop ideas, students all worked hard towards a rich collection of projects.


Constant discussion about practice and education between US and China took place throughout the week in China. Landworks is very grateful for this unique experience. Connection and friendship with the students and faculty is on-going and we’re looking forward to future collaborations.