Firm Profile  

200 5th Avenue, New York, NY

Founded in 1996 by Michael Blier as an alternative practice, Landworks Studio consistently strives for design excellence and innovative landscape solutions. The collaborative’s 15 members are primarily landscape architects, but also share interdisciplinary backgrounds in design, arts, and architecture. Our team has been assembled to practice landscape architecture at the highest levels of conceptual thinking and professional performance. We take great pride in the individual accomplishments of our team and the ways in which this informs our collaborative approach. As a design collaborative, Landworks Studio thrives on the close participation of the entire project team. Individuals in our diverse team have won international competitions, founded their own firms, worked with some of the most prestigious design firms in the nation, and have impressive degrees and honors from renowned design schools.

Frequent input from our clients, allied design professionals, and the community is a critical component of our design process as we seek to develop useful, meaningful, and lasting landscape spaces. Fundamental to our design process is the need to thoroughly test the formal, technical, and environmental appropriateness of each idea in order to ensure that the ultimate proposal is responsive to the nature of its context and the scale of inhabitation. We make extensive use of models, carefully constructed perspective photomontages, and computer models to evaluate every level of detail. We believe that these iterative investigations make for fast and accurate feedback, whether we are weighing different schematic ideas or construction details. Landworks Studio is currently progressing commissions situated throughout the United States as well as in Taiwan, China and New Zealand.

Macallen Building, South Boston, MA