MIT NoMa Site 1 - amenity Terrace | Cambridge, MA

The Fourth Floor Amenity Terrace provides many types of gathering spaces as well as places for residents to get away from the crowd. The south terrace is cooled by a water wall and pool basin as well as shade from trees. Residents are invited to sit within the shallow water and at its edge. This area is also the location for the kitchen with built-in gas grills. The east side is lined with small decks for small gatherings at fire tables and gaming tables. The north end is a garden for meditation and seating at landforms raised for tree planters.

The terrace’s  trees are supplemented with other planting: vine screen walls at the south terrace and small planters (low and tall) scattered along the east side.

Client: MITIMCo
Architects: Elkus Manfredi Architects
Contractor: John Moriarty & Associates
Status: On-Going