East Dareen Beach Neighborhood Park | Jubail, Saudi Arabia

East Dareen Beach is a 70 hectare park on the Arabian Gulf in Jubail KSA. It has been designed to serve not only the needs of a rapidly growing city, but also to draw visitors from the greater region. The park is composed of three distinct layers: a linear neighborhood park, a central sculpture park in the form of a series of large earth forms, and an ecological island, which will serve as context for the reestablishment of local ecologies providing significant recreational amenity. 

The first layer, directly adjacent to a newly constructed housing development, is the 15 hectare Neighborhood Park.  Pergolas and dense plantings of deciduous trees offer relief from the sun while large expanses of lawn and splash fountains offer opportunities for family gathering and play.

The central layer is composed of a sequence of large landforms designed to add topographical complexity to the site as well as contain water tanks that house the treated wastewater used for irrigation. The mounds terminate in a waterfront promenade that allows visitors direct access, via terraces and ramps, to the fluctuating tides of the Gulf.  Plantings and pergolas offer respite from the sun while the mounds and benches offer seating for evening gatherings
and events.

The final layer is a 24 hectare island dune landscape that will be planted with native grasses, salt-tolerant shrubs and mangroves. Beaches, nature trails, and sites for picnics and camping will offer a quiet escape from the city, attracting human visitors as well as migratory birds and wildlife.

Client: Royal Commission for Jubail
Architect: CBT+FAEC (Architects/Engineers)
Status: Under Construction