The Hanging Garden

Temporary Garden Construct  | Taichung, Taiwan
(duration: 36 months)

For the past several years, Pao Huei Development Corp has been establishing a character driven brand based in the core belief that good urbanism emerges from an interactive dialogue between building, urban and landscape systems. Consequently, Landworks Studio, Inc. has been working with Pao Huei and their design groups to establish energetic and useful interactions between building technologies, planting systems and ecologically driven overlaps as a method for expressing these core objectives and for enhancing the interface between public and private realms.


The Hanging Gardens represent a study of how building structure, façade systems and egress can some together to create a dynamic weave of the organic and inert. The project is part research/part demonstrative and seeks to establish a reasonable and replicable methodology for establishing a hybrid experience of built and ‘natural’ systems, especially in a context where ground plane planting strategies are not an option.